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My names are Simon D.M. Karanja, and I am a clinical psychologist at the master’s level with over 10 years of work experience and over 3,000 hours of clinical experience. My background working as a clinical psychologist in Kenya, includes practicing at institutions like Community health support, Kisumu district hospital, Mathare, Kaizora institute for children with autism spectrum disorder and Community counselling services - Aga Khan, assessing clients of all age groups and gender. Through this, I have learnt how to assess the needs of my clients and work with them to come up with appropriate treatment plans. Part of my experience has been in doing this as an e-health service provider i.e. online services (due to COVID restrictions). As a clinical psychologist, I am required to be able to assess my clients for all DSM-V mental disorders, which my time in the field has allowed me to do. I have assessed clients for a broad number of mental conditions including neurodevelopmental disorders, depression, schizophrenia spectrum, personality disorders, substance use, neurocognitive disorders, trauma and more.

  • Member of the Kenya Psychological Association

  • Graduate Membership with the British Psychological Society

As a psychologist I have mastered interpersonal, communication and assessment skills, while also developing a high level of integrity and a sense of confidentiality. Here at UMH, I guarantee you that I will always give you my very best, which is something that all my clients appreciate and value. I guarantee to offer a service that works, and gives you the peace and psychological healing you deserve.

Simon D.M. Karanja

Clinical Psychologist

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Mental Health Services

Cognitive therapy

a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression.

Behavior therapy

a form of psychotherapy that applies the principles of learning, operant conditioning, and classical conditioning to eliminate symptoms and modify ineffective or maladaptive patterns of behavior.

Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy aims to address the foundation and formation of psychological processes. In this way, it seeks to reduce symptoms and improve people’s lives.

Individual Psychotherapy

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Uwazi Mental Health Services

Diagnosis & Investigation

A Psychological Diagnosis is a classification or labeling of a client's stated and perceived difficulties following a formal assessment by a psychologist or trained professional. To make a psychological diagnosis, the psychologist uses the diagnostic guidelines and criteria set down by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Dedicated Therapy

For you the client to experience relief to your psychological concerns, it is of at most importance that you receive consistent and dedicated attention, which is something we promise to uphold on our end. Clients who can make the same commitment are sure to find the help they are searching for.



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Once you have decided that therapy is the way forward for you, you can begin the process by first heading to our scheduling section, and picking a time and date on the calendar from the available options. After you provide the needed information and book your session, we will receive a notification about your scheduling and will get back to you. Next we will need to process your payment, in order to confirm your session. Payments are done before hand, in order to avoid conflicts that may arise form unpaid sessions. Once your payments have been processed, we will put you down as a confirmed booking on our end, and will send you a reminder for your session.

Disclaimer: There are no refunds for missed sessions. For anyone who has paid for a session in advanced, and can't make it for various reasons, you will need to give us a 24hr heads up, if you wish to carry your payments forward to the next session.

Clinical psychologist.

Psychologist specialist that provides continuing and comprehensive cognitive and behavioral health care for individuals, consultation to agencies and communities, training education and supervision, and research based practice

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