Things to Keep in Mind

What issues can therapy or counselling help me with?

Therapy or counselling can help with a variety of issues. It can be helpful to people who have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and need to manage symptoms, or it can be used by individuals who have not been diagnosed with a major condition, but just need to manage the effects of everyday life stressors. Psychotherapy and counselling can help individuals manage moods and emotional experiences, it can help people think through life events that may be overwhelming, or it can simply be a way to maintain the balance of peace and happiness a person may have found in their life.

What kinds of people seek therapy or counselling?

Anybody can seek these services. Therapy and counselling are tools that different people use to solve problems they may be facing in their lives. The problems may be small or overwhelming in nature.

Can I do all my sessions over the internet?

Yes you can

How do I know which therapist is best for me?

Some therapists specialize in specific disorders, so it is important to first find out if your therapist is well versed at handling your needs. Then once this is known, it is all about the bond or connection you form with your therapist during the first 3 sessions. If you feel you are not connecting with your therapist after the first few sessions, you are allowed to find yourself another helper.

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